The iron spoon under my pillow.

It works…even today. Try it, if you like.

My loving mother always had a remedy for most of the issues I have had in my life when I was a kid…till my early teens. Well atleast till she was alive. I vividly remember that during my childhood, I had a sleeping problem, quite similar to insomnia, there were nights when I used to even experience & suffer from seeing ghostly aspirations in my room & unpleasant hallucinations. I vividly recall how very lovingly she used to keep a small iron spoon under my pillow, assuring me that this was to ward off the evil spirits including my weird larger than life imaginary ghosts and disturbing thoughts & for sure guarantee a peaceful & a pleasant goodnight sleep. And to be honest, this brilliant trick used to work like pure divine magic. Some of you may call it a placebo effect or some psychological comfort of divine motherly love & care, but somehow believe me when I say this with utter conviction that this sorcery never failed and I used to be dozing off within minutes of that amazing iron spoon under my pillow. I used to even think that my mother was gifted with some special fairy like magical powers that I didn’t have. But I think I am slowly and steadily discovering that I may have a few witchcraft tricks that have been passed on to me too. 😉

However I recently came across various articles, one in particular that caught my winged lines eyes, about the problems related to sleep disorders. In todays world where our internet is switched on 24/7 & cell phones by our bed side, having a sleep disorder is not really a surprise at all. However I was fascinated to read how scientifically certain magnetic field energies work to create disturbances in our brain & how they could be corrected. I shall put the blog link that I came across below.

So in short & I quote the author “Abnormal magnetic fields which are easily generated can influence brain activity and cause individuals to hallucinate that is to have ghostly experiences. However by keeping a piece of iron underneath the pillow this abnormal magnetic field is cancelled out.”

I admit that this trick has been passed on from our ancestors to our previous generations and then on to some of us who still practice it. But I was always very curious to know the ‘why’ & ‘how’. My loving mother did her magic years and years ago on me, & as a child I was totally smitten to see how amazingly it worked, but its after several decades later that I have found the why and the how this magic works. So here I am sharing it with you too. I also believe that many elders (some grandparents in particular) still believe and encourage to sleep with head facing in a particular direction that can influence in having a peaceful sleep, which perhaps may also be connected to the science of Vastu.
Well it’s almost half past 2, I wish you all a very goodnight, shall prepare to doze off to my dreamland after I make sure that I still have that magical spoon under my bed😇. 💖Love & ShubhRaatri🌟, Sweetdreams…🌈 Aaryaa

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