Age is just a number.

I typed up a few paragraphs & then deleted them. Had a few sleepless nights to ponder on how to start writing this. A task that I felt was tougher than the idea of climbing the Everest. Is it even possible to write about a person whose persona cannot be fathomed by the sea of all the words put together?. How would one describe divinity? Ever thought of expounding the cool shade of a tree on a scorching afternoon? Or even recount the warmth of a hot chocolate with marshmallows in a soft warm quilt on a freezing cold night. Just like some experiences are meant to be felt from the heart, so is the existence of certain beautiful souls that are angels disguised as humans. This particular angel is certainly one of my most favourite humans on this planet. Her name is Zakia Zubairi.

Gleaming eyes with umpteen energy,  curious like a child, vivacious, gracious, loving, caring, compassionate, stylish, trendsetter, achiever, go-getter, problem solver, a good listener, a mentor, a doting mother/ grandmother & a loving friend are simply some of the adjectives that are synonymous to Zakia Aunty’s personality. Age for her is just a number. I have come across certain people in my life who turned 60 in their late 20s. But Zakia aunty has remained youthful for as long as I can remember. She loves her independence and knows how to use it well. With that vibrant energy contained in a timid frame, even at this age she keeps herself active and busy in her role as a counseller & Labour Party MP. She loves playing a perfect hostess. It’s an absolute delight to be invited at her house during festivals and get togethers and enjoy her artistic & divine culinary skills. Zakia aunty is an epitome of love…It’s heartwarming to see how much compassion she has for everyone and the way she showers it on those that are needy or in trouble. Aunty can never see anyone in pain yet she seems to play the role of Florence Nightingale in the best possible way to bring comfort & support to the less privileged. One particular trait that almost intrigues me about her, is her curiosity to learn new things. She loves to question… how certain things are done & why they are done. She craves to learn how something is made & how it works…It’s this childlike brilliance that keeps that flame of spark still burning with passion in her. I had once read somewhere that those who keep learning on a daily basis seldomn grow old. Zakia aunty probably is living this to perfection &  I wish I could learn this art from her myself. 

As I mentioned earlier it’s difficult to describe how hot the sun is…Or how vast the oceans are, similarly, to describe Zakia Aunty in a few words would be unfair. For she is a phenomenon that happens to the world once in a lifetime. It’s her way of thinking that separates her from the rest of the crowd. A woman of substance who believes in empowering other women and young girls and making the ignorant understand the importance of equality in today’s day and age. She has a spirit of a warrior who is just and fair and fights for the betterment of society & mankind. Aunty loves being fit and promotes healthy living and eating. A vegetarian herself she strongly  believes that plants, vegetables & herbs do provide all the quintessential nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle without harming the animals. Another habit that I have noticed in her & other successful people in life is that she loves to read. She strongly believes that reading broadens your horizons. A book can make you travel into a world without even moving your feet. She loves to surround herself with people who love fine arts in life. I have noticed that artistic souls seldomn restrict their capabilities to just one particular area. Their love for creation automatically urges them to create something of their own. Zakia aunty has a flair for painting and writing prose & poetry too. I almost feel in awe of her divinity and just like the Goddess Durga I see Zakia Aunty with her various hands beautifully juggling & managing so many tasks & responsibilities with utmost ease. She also loves being surrounded in mother nature where she lets her mind ponder like a little girl who continues to explore life to the fullest. She is a woman who just never gets tired. 

Whilst I sit in this coffee shop & sip on milky latte just the way she likes it too, I remember my various trips to Costa coffee & Starbucks with her back home in London, I feel that there are so many things I have learnt from Zakia aunty over these years. The most important of them all has to be that Life is too short to be boring…Might as well live it to the max, explore yourself & chase your dreams that will never make you feel tired. & Don’t forget age is just a number!!

Thank you Zakia Aunty.. for being such an inspiration.



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