Let the love & light within…win!

Every night…just to express my gratitude for the life I have, for the loved ones in my life, and most importantly for all those who are protecting my life during these dire times by being in the frontline in this fight.

Life is so fragile…right?. There are so many people suffering out there. I dont usually write such long posts but I couldn’t stop myself this time. It’s just that,… its just my heartfelt request to one and all. You see I really never thought that I would witness such a strange & dire time during my lifetime. But here we are, all of us facing an invisible enemy. An invisible enemy that never discriminates. Probably that’s the only positive thing about this virus, it doesn’t mind whether you are man or a woman, a child or a grown up, a CEO or a Janitor, a priest or a guru, a Hindu or a Muslim, whether you support Modiji or if you are still a Rahul Gandhi lover. It will attack you, no matter what. It will attack your lungs, suck the life out of you, it will make you very sick & god forbid if you have an underlying health issue then the chances of you walking alive out of that hospital room could be quite miniscule. So I hope we all understand the seriousness of this issue and realise that we are under attack as a specie and hence the way I look at it is that this is definitely not the time for regional or religional politics or hatred. This is the time to be compassionate, to spread love, to do good deeds, to help each other out in whatever way we can.

Lets just say that I have been very privileged to have parents who have taught me that We are Humans first. My father Tejendra Sharma always says we are all a big huge family. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. And in a good family the members help out and look out for each other. They have good family values, well that’s what members of a good knit family do. Everything else comes much later. Let’s just step back and just the way we all have learnt how to wash our hands again, let’s start learning humanity again. These are disturbingly dire times. But I am an optimistic. Well atleast I consider myself one, but the way this virus is spreading it makes me very uncomfortable & it really feels like the worst is yet to come. The future of humanity has never been so uncertain. Fighting and arguing on unnecesaary politics, hurting doctors, mob killings, hating each other for having different political opinion….where are we as a specie heading to? This is us just not being human. Believe me when I say this but my heart truly bleeds when I switch on the tele to catch up on news updates. It’s a fact that my anxiety increases fourfold after watching news just for 5 minutes. I am sure I am not alone, and many of you might share the same sentiment. But why are we attacking each other…the virus is already doing that to us & the entire world!?!. As humans this is the time to save each other, NO matter what religion, what background, what cast or what colour we all belong to.

Please fellow humans this is the time to be empathetic towards each other. Lets not judge each other, instead we must show sympathy, express gratitude whenever and wherever you can. We must protect and care for those who are vulnerable, who are alone, those who don’t have food, shelter, security or money. Consider yourself blessed & extremely lucky if you have all these and if you are keeping well and safe with your loved ones under a roof with solid walls. There are thousands out there who dont have this privilege. For humanity’s sake, let’s learn to be human again, learn to love again. I am sorry I had to take this off my heart. This was consuming me for some time now. This had to come out. I apologise if you find this pathetically boring or preachy. I am not being preachy but I am genuinely very concerned like many others out there. Let us follow rules, they are made for our own welfare. I hope and pray that you and your families stay protected and safe. The earth is healing and it’s also giving us another chance to self introspect & start being good human beings again. Please don’t spread hatred, just encourage love to grow. We all have love in our hearts. Let its light within us shine brighter, specially during these times of darkness. 🕊Peace to all.
Love❤ & Light, Aaryaa🙏💕🌟

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