Life Simulation

Diary Note 27th April 2021- Perhaps when all the chaos will come to an end, I wonder if people would slowly begin to realise that in the darkest hour of horror, those who came forward to help each other were none other than the fellow humans who for a while completely forgot their religion, their caste, their color, their gender, forgot everything that was not required to be remembered & finally they became human. A human who helped another human…to survive…to breathe…to live. To begin life once again. Time is a great healer but people tend to forget the lessons learnt. They forget to share the pain of horror with others. Was the invisible enemy created for a reason, to remind us something that we had long forgotten. 100 years is a long time. One can only hope that we remember this chapter for a while…until the next 100 years, when something else knocks on our doors to remind us again & changes our life forever.
The Simulation Life Game continues.
~ Aaryaa Sharma (Deepti)

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